CUF explained in 45 statements


  • Sweden, as well as the European Union, should be ruled under federal principles. The principle of subsidiarity should be applied to both the Swedish and the EU rule, meaning that decisions should be taken as closely as possible to the citizen.
  • The democratic influence must increase within the EU. The treaties of the union should be developed into a constitution that guarantees human rights and establishes where the power of the union is held.
  • Sweden should enact a constitutional court that ensures that the constitution is upheld.
  • Personal integrity must be assured. Therefore, the FRA-law and Data Retention Directive must be repealed.

Political Freedom (The Individual)

  • Sweden should have a welfare system for fundamental human well-being and this system is to be financed by taxes.
  • Individuals should have the opportunity to choose service providers within the health care system.
  • The psychiatric health care should be more accessible and preventative.
  • The criminalisation of sex purchases is counterproductive. It harms both the prostitutes as well as the victims of trafficking. Therefore, buying and selling sexual services should be legalized.
  • The state monopoly on alcohol sales as well as the dance permit-law should be abolished.
  • The ambition of the Swedish drug policy should be harm reduction. It should also be characterized by humanism and based on scientific evidence, rather than moralism.
  • A ‘cultural canon’ should be created, in which a selection of all the great cultural work of our time should be gathered and presented.


  • CUF, as an organisation, identifies itself as liberal feminist.
  • CUF is against gender quotas. We seek real equality and do not believe that this is created though affirmative action.
  • We, as individuals and citizens, must take responsibility for gender based discrimination and make sure it ceases.
  • School and preschool employees should be educated not to treat children differently based upon gender identity or sexuality.
  • Everyone should have access to healthcare regardless of gender identity.

Migration and Integration

  • CUF has a vision of free immigration into Sweden.
  • The Swedish Migration Agency should be phased out and replaced. The new agency should be responsible for migration, citizenship and integration.
  • Paperless refugees should also have the right to health care.
  • Sweden should have a generous and humane refugee policy and anyone who wants to work in Sweden should be allowed to do so.
  • Sweden needs a new, effective integration policy which makes sure refugees and immigrants are accommodated into the Swedish society.


  • Since global warming and the climate change are global phenomenon, CUF wants a global taxation on fossil emissions, also known as a Carbon tax.
  • Expanded property rights leads to a better environment.
  • CUF wants to widen the responsibility of producers. Producers should take on the responsibility for the recycling of their products.
  • The tax system should be adjusted according to a polluters pay-principle.
  • The climate issues can only be solved through development and innovation. Poverty reduction is a part of environmental politics.
  • We want to strengthen the Emission Trading System (ETS) within the EU, to strive for less CO2 emissions.
  • CUF take a positive stand towards GMOs, or artificially produced goods, for the sake of the environment.


  • The education system must be reformed so that knowledge instead of age is the most relevant factor. A student should finish school when the knowledge criteria is attained and not when a predetermined age is reached.
  • Schools should teach critical reasoning, not simply teach the students to obey.
  • All upper secondary school literature should contain citations and references.
  • School plays a significant role in conveying basic values about democracy and equality.
  • Both high school and higher education must cooperate more with the businesses, and more workplace experience must be integrated in the education so that students don’t go straight from school to unemployment.


  • Taxes should be cut and a flat tax rate system, with a high basic allowance, should be introduced instead of the current tax system.
  • Everyone should be granted a tax certificate for entrepreneurs at birth.
  • The excessive regulation involved in starting and running a business should be decreased and The Employment Protection Act (LAS) should be abolished.
  • Payroll tax should be cut.
  • Private employment bureaus should be allowed.

International Policies

  • The United Nations of today is a dysfunctional organization; the veto within the Security Council should be abolished.
  • Free trade creates prosperity; rich countries, especially, must abandon all forms of protectionism.
  • Foreign aid should be directed towards sustainable development and meeting local needs.
  • Sweden should not export weapons or military equipment to dictatorships or to countries involved in warfare.
  • Sweden should join NATO.

Infrastructure and Communications

  • The infrastructure must be well-functioning in the entire country.
  • The maintenance of the rail transport network must be improved. It should also be expanded.